02 October 2018

[DISCOGRAPHY] Boy King Islands - The Girl With The Stained Glass Eyes & The Him

Boy King Islands - The Girl With The Stained Glass Eyes & The Him (Prism92, 2018)
Format: Digital Only

1. The Girl With The Stained Glass Eyes
2. The Him

Track 1 recorded and mixed 2002 - 2003 at 608 in Evanston, IL. Originally released by Frank Wobbly & Sons as part of The First 42 Inches, and credited as Caural.

Backing vocals by Beth Hunt.
Remastered by Peter Farr at Prismaphonic for this release

Track 2 recorded in May and June of 2015 in Oakland and Sonoma, CA. Originally released by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records on Dreams Never End: A Tribute to New Order.

Lead vocals by my wife, Alex.
Mixed by Dan Smart at ECHO/NORMAL
Mastered by Peter Farr at Prismaphonic

Design by me; photography by my father.

28 September 2017

Sounds Of A Tired City: Interview & Young Dracula Mix

Photo by Shaun Roberts

I had a virtual chat with Emőke Csoma of Sounds Of A Tired City about music, inspiration, and what I've been up to since my last proper Caural record. Read the interview here, and listen to the exclusive Young Dracula mix I made for the site below:

18 August 2017

NEVEREVER Forever Conversations #006 - Zachary Mastoon (Caural, Boy King Islands)

I had the pleasure of chatting with a fellow ex-Chicagoan and DJ Jarrett Spiegel on his Neverever Forever podcast about everything from producing my wife's short film, Word Is Bondhttp://www.alilfilm.com/film.html, through the current climate of electronic music, all the way to William Onyeabor and sailing with Colm from My Bloody Valentine in Barcelona:

09 August 2017

Boy King Islands' XLR8R Premiere: Are We Where From Tell Can't We

Thanks to XLR8R for premiering our brand new video directed by Greg Stephen Reigh, shot here in Los Angeles!

Greg Stephen Reigh is a Chicago-based director of music videos and short form documentaries, focusing his vision through an aesthetic prism ranging from campy throwbacks to yesteryear, to colorful, dreamlike vignettes. For our latest album on Youngbloods, we teamed up with him to create a video for "Are We Where From Tell Can't We".

From the filmmaker: 

"This video is an experiment in editing and crafting a story through improvised footage shot off-the-cuff over the course of a week. Only one scene was "scripted" with the intent of using it as a framing device to create a melancholy and foreboding atmosphere out of otherwise cheerful and fun footage of friends hanging out."

28 June 2017

Mind Equals Blown Feature Boy King Islands

Read this great little history of Boy King Islands, courtesy of Adit Ahmed & Mind Equals Blown.

Jason Hunt recording on White Mirror's "Say It's Home" at ECHO/NORMAL with Dan Smart

16 June 2017

[DISCOGRAPHY] Boy King Islands - Pastels

Boy King Islands - Pastels (Youngbloods, 2017)
Format: Digital Only

1. Fall (demo version)
2. Finally Home
3. Memory Loop
4. See Through Your Eyes
5. A Tear & A Smile
6. Youth Disappearing
7. Cuban Joint
8. Echoes (original guitar demo)
9. Are We Where from Tell Can’t We
10. 12 String Rain
11. Million Dollar Piano
12. Chords From Snow
13. Blue In Black
14. All Green & White (demo version)
15. Chasing Noises (demo version)
16. Fall
17. Henry Darger
18. Rise

All material recorded by Zachary Mastoon and Jason Hunt – separately or together – between 2002 & 2014. Mastered by Dan Smart at ECHO/NORMAL.

Youngbloods version of the album originally released as a very limited CD-R in 2015.

Original photography by Chris Eichenseer of Someoddpilot from the Boy King Islands' "Fall" photo shoot (2004).

15 June 2017

dublab's Damage Control - Radio Mix Archive

Damage Control on dublab - June 15th, 2017: Caural/Boy King Islands with Derelict 

To celebrate the release of Boy King Islands' new album, Pastels, I spun a largely ambient/shoegaze-y set on the one and only dublab, and chatted a bit with the homie Derek McNeill. Check out the entire stream here, or download here.

Tracklist (note: guest mix begins 9:40 in)

1. Drab Majesty – Hath No Form – The Demonstration – Dais Records
2. Liars – The Exact Color of Doubt – Wixiw – Mute
3. Lotus Plaza – These Years – The Floodlight Collective – Kranky
4. Benoit Pioulard – The Guilded Fear That Guides The Flow – Sonnet – Kranky
5. Pale Saints – A Deep Sleep for Steven – The Comforts of Madness – 4AD
6. Belong – Perfect Life – Common Era – Kranky
7. Be Forest – Thrill – Cold – Bloodrock Records/We Were Never Boring
8. Ride – Seagull – Nowhere – Creation
9. Diiv (as “Dive”) – Sometime – Sometime/Corvalis 7” – Captured Tracks
10. Cleaners from Venus – Julie Profumo – Songs For A Fallow Land – Captured Tracks (Reissue)
11. Nitefields – You I Never Knew – Depersonalization – Felte
12. Boy King Islands – I Talk To The Wind – Fall – Eat Concrete/Plustapes
13. Ford & Lopatin featuring Tamaryn – Flying Dream – Snakes/Flying Dream 12” – Mexican Summer
14. Cheatahs – Kenworth – Cheatahs – Wichita
15. Slowdive – Changes – Pygmalion Demos – Creation
16. Broadcast – Man Is Not A Bird – Haha Sound – Warp
17. Gauntlet Hair – Lights Out – Gauntlet Hair – Dead Oceans
18. Pailhead – I Will Refuse – I Will Refuse 12” – Wax Trax