12 January 1994

(English Class Journal Excerpts)

The entries below are from a journal I was required to keep for an English class during my Junior year of high school: the absolute nadir of my drug abuse and arrogance as a teen. There were accompanying drawings - a few of which I spent a good deal of time coloring - though many took me about five seconds of careless scribbling. If you are curious, I received an "A."

Without further adieu, adolescence:

We are supposed to eat until we become nauseated. One must eat everything to please the chef. It is considered a compliment to vomit after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. This would signify that it is so delicious that one had to eat it at an incredibly fast speed and in amazingly large quantities to satisfy himself. As a result of this enormous consumption, one would regurgitate repeatedly and violently on the table in order to let others enjoy the tasty dinner once again. This is undoubtedly a time for sharing.

November 25, 1993

Lately, all forms of media have taken violent approaches to entertainment. On the radio, you are privileged to hear such poetry as "I shot this motherfucker, I raped this bitch, I roll around Los Angeles in this car," and "I have this amount of money." In movies, you see teens getting their brains blown out, you see innocent bystanders getting wrecked as a result of gunfire from
moving vehicles and, once in a while, you'll witness a random act of hatred, ending in carnage. Music, film and television are sure enjoyable, but boy am I glad none of it is real!

November 26, 1993

Six teenagers in a Honda Civic, four of them piled in like corpses in the trunk. Why I am in the trunk I don't know. I am in pain. This sucks. Stop arguing, you retards! Slower! No, I won't move my leg, damnit!! Shut up! Stop signs mean stop! Eighty miles an hour is a bit fast for sidestreets. What color was that traffic light? Yes, it was red!! Where the hell are the police? How are those donuts in coffee? That car is still behind us? We are going to die if we haven't already. What does that car want with us, anyway? Tell them we don't have any Grey Poupon!

November 27, 1993

Field Trip!!! We went to the Art Institute, I think. We first saw this really boring lecture on art. I just doodled through it, basically. Then, we walked around and filled out a really long packet. We ate, then saw another long lecture. That wasn't cool. On the way back to school, me and my friend sang a whole Beastie Boys album all the way through. When we got back, we had to do more work! We needed to re-write the packet with our group. I tried out for "Death of A Salesman" after school. I don't like that play very much. Today sucked.

December 13, 1993

Ooh, party at the exchange student's house again! But, why aren't the lights on? About 30 people were waiting outside, knocking on the door or waiting in their cars. He's not home!
So, we left, and went to some college loser's house where there was a small party we stayed at for around 5 minutes. We dropped two of our friends off at midnight, then went to Kafein where I saw my friend Hilary and this guy Jason. He was in the army for a year in Oklahoma, lived in the Y for about five months, and now works at a Shell Station. He's a real success story.

December 28, 1993

Jesus! It's the first day of school. School is wack. What can you do about it though? Oh well. Today some interesting things happened. I felt like breaking up with my girlfriend, so I did.
I like someone else, and she was acting stupid anyway. Today, she came over after work to talk about it, and she was really pissed off at me. She was crying and everything, and that wasn't cool. After she left, I felt bad that she was crying. I ate dinner which was bad, and talked to my friend Julia.

January 3, 1994

What an easy day. First period, I went to the Choir room and warmed up. We then went on a school bus to Willard. We walked around in small groups and sang to these super-small kids. They all liked it. They were so cute. All these stupid girls in my group kept saying, "oh, look how cute they are," especially this fat chick named Megan. Then, we ate lunch from Michelini's. When we got back to school, it was 6th period (my lunch). I only had a few classes after that.

January 7, 1994

Today at 3rd period, we did the Martin Luther King assembly. I hate dressing up in that stupid choir robe. I look like such a fool in it. Actually, everyone does, so it's okay. But, it's still stupid cause, when they announce "now, please applaud for the ETHS choir" and a bunch of dumb-robed-looking fools walk on stage, everybody laughs. I hate it. I don't even know the song we were supposed to sing anyway. So, I stood up there and pretended to sing. I saw my friends in the audience laughing!

January 12, 1994