27 November 2001

[DISCOGRAPHY] Caural - Paint EP

Paint EP (Chocolate Industries, 2001)
Format: 12" EP & CD

1. In Between Thoughts
2. Red Sunshine
3. Your Memories On Television
4. Clear Vinyl

Artwork by Kid Acne

One Sheet

Chocolate Industries proudly presents Caural. Following in the Chocolate tradition of fusing musical genres, you will find that this EP will fit quite nicely in your Chocolate collection. On the Paint EP, Zachary Mastoon aka Caural showcases his many talents and forward thinking approach to music by melding head nodding beats, lush samples and dirty feedback to get just about anyone moving. Some might call this Sonic Youth meets Herbie Hancock but we call it Caural. At the rate this kid's going, who knows what's coming next? Expect a new album next year but til then put on your headphones and get acquainted with the Paint EP. Artwork by UK graff writer/super human 'Kid Acne'.


BPM (Issue 32)
Caurel [sic] is an interesting ep. With cover art done by UK's Kid Acne of two mc ghosts floating out of a boombox, I thought this was going to be some creepy instrumental style hip-hop. What came out of my headphones was more like a cross between Sonic Youth and Fat Jon. Props to Chocolate Industries for exploring the fringes of hip-hop-inspired music. This might not be for everyone, but I found it to be on the better side of what can happen when artists aren't afraid to think outside of the box.
- Kenoy Williams

Elemental Magazine (vol. 4, Issue 39)
When I read this record described as "Sonic Youth meets Herbie Hancock," I thought seriously about using it as a frisbee. Good thing I didn't, because I would have been missing out on some really well done pieces of instrumental music. All of the tracks on the Paint EP are a combination of organic, very true instrumentation and sampling. These aren't instrumentals to rhyme over (unless you're Aesop Rock or maybe Sage Francis). They are entirely stand-alone, listenable, completel compositions without vocal interruption. Caural starts off with a moody joint full of bending notes, whispers, and tickling percussion. It's a little schizophrenic, but actually a very beautiful piece. Even though it was my least favorite, I can definitely stand to listen to it again. The record starts getting its identity with the second cut, "Red Sunshine." This track is full of satisfying sound bits, from the familiar crackle of a needle on old vinyl to an upbeat acoustic guitar sample to the cries of a whale heard moving through the ocean. Atop this are crisp drum hits, some staccato strings-plucking and a bag full of short, well-placed samples. The tight drums and whale calls are continued into the next cut, and both are more intense and overt here. Piano and what sounds like an alto sax or clarinet roll you into the mood of this song before more drums come in to hasten the pace. The rise and fall will continue throughout. "Clear Vinyl" invokes a slowed-down El-P flavor, utilizing an echoed rock guitar sample to set the mood. The echoes continue as the track becomes sharper and more industrial, then flow back to the comparably relaxing and now-familiar guitars. Unfortunately, attempts at making records like this are many, and the successes are few, usually resulting in unlistenable sampled cacophony. Caural has managed to assemble a group of moving, interesting and completely listenable tracks for anyone who can appreciate the mellow or understated. Well done.
- Phat Matt

Ghettoblaster (Issue #7)
Caural a.k.a. Zachary Mastoon has dropped another gem in this bantam EP release. Containing four tracks, Paint is the resurfacing of authentic production by Caural. A short and captivating harvest of tracks that play like summer time. Appreciate, don't hate, or as it is said "frontin' on us is a no no."
- John Arambulo

Wire (February 2002)
Critical Beats
Caural, on the other hand, offers straight-up shoegazing, with more than a little My Bloody Valentine to their chord rushes and back-looped piano, and samples of suspiciously Slumberland-like pop songs. Along with contemporaries Minotaur Shock and Hood, they're grafting a familiar beat-skitter of leftfield electronica onto a more acoustic, pastoral frame. "Red Sunshine" falls somewhere between Fridge and Steve Reich, building an increasingly dense construction of strummed guitar and various acoustic loops. "Your Memories on Television" drills an insistent snare figure through the billowing folds of Talk Talk-like oboe and keys. Samples of blase young women talking about "drawing on ourselves with markers" add an oddly erotic touch.
- Philip Sherburne

XLR8R (March 2002)
Lucky 13
Think My Bloody Valentine meets Mr. Oizo meets WordSound. What? I dunno. Cool, freaky downtempo with lots of indie-rock sensibilities.
- Toph One

Bought this one for the cover alone – b-boy ghosts emerging from a boom-box. It's also on Chocolate Industries, a label that has been cranking out great music lately. This release is all instrumental, walking the line of breakbeats mixed with resampled vocals, acoustic and slide guitars and even a flute (I think...). Each track ventures into different territory before mixing it all back together nicely. This isn't some ambient-wallpaper bull-shhh. 4 solid tracks, no filler. Get it.

(MissKick's Picks: Top New Releases)
Somewhere between hip-hop, indie rock and electronica. These folks defy definition... beautiful, creative, unique... these words come to mind, but you really have to hear it to believe it.

New on Chocolate Industries! Moving away momentarily from the emphasis on straight, urban hip-hop, Chocolate return to a looser A&R policy and bring us this debut work from Zachary Mastoon, aka Caural. This is a melting-pot of sounds and styles-- one part Post-Rock, one part Hip Hop, one part Folk, one part Electronica. The overall effect is often heart-warming, the standout being the excellent "Red Sunshine," sounding like a tweaked Tortoise complete with dusty breaks and static effects, or a more hazy Tommy Guerrero. Veering at times into territory that could be described as Trip Hop, this is a naive rather than cliched piece of work from an interesting new artist. Artwork comes from the wonderful Kid Acne. Check.

Acoustic meets electronica meets down tempo lounge meets indie pop (?). Surprising but very nice release on Chocolate Ind again (Hefty style!!)

This four-track EP is silky sweet. It would have made a good summer release, with airy swirling guitar and meticulously manipulated vocal loops. On "In Between Thoughts," bits of melody ebb and flow until bass line and beat kick in. Soft sounds of old vinyl sweep "Red Sunshine" into a squelchy meditative track. The looped guitar is simple and ambient. Eventually the percussion drops. Not bad. "Your Memories on Television" features whale song over a drum-and-bass breakbeat. This reminds me of a Ninja Tune acid-jazz piece. Finally, "Clear Vinyl" offers even more of a guitar kick, although electronic echoes make things a bit more trippy. This is a neat little release. It's simple, happy, and effective.
- Jacob Arnold

...And one of Chocolate Ind.'s most recent acquisitions could perhaps most easily be described as the other face of Prefuse-73 with a hint of Mira Calix's gritty softness. His name is Caural and his skills at cut-up composing are unreal. On Paint EP (CHLT024CD), melancholic, dub guitar and synth melodies dress cloudy beats, and what can only be described as distorted silences while ambient sounds fill in the rest. Keep in mind that listening through headphones is most rewarding, but even as background music Caural's Paint EP will get you moving.
-Matt Eberhart

"Where My Bloody Valentine meets stripped-down hip-hop"

Neural.it (Italian)
Un suono intermittente trasforma lo sviluoppo di una perfetta pop-song dall'aria britannica e ci introduce allo splendido EP dei Caural per la Chocolate Industries di Chicago. Sorreto nella parte conclusiva da una base downtempo, "In Between Thoughts" e la sorprendente traccia di apertura cui segue la fresca "Red Sunshine" gia pronta a mitigare la calura estiva coi suo loop di chitarra; "Your Memories on Television" cambia ancora e, pur straniando l'ascoltatore, accelera il beat per poi far tornare alla mente 'l'ombra' trip-hop di qualche anno fa. Un'influenza che si allarga fino all'ibrido elettro di "Clear Vinyl" a chisura di quattro brani che lasciano il fiato corto e la mante stordita, che altro chiedere ancora?
-Michelle Casella

Other Music (December, 2001)
Caural's EP, only four songs, is the sound equivalent of a brief, but breakneck plunge into a pile of Lego pieces. There are sharp bits, familiar bits, and it's a novel experience. He even samples Magnetic Fields and the Smiths, gentle classical guitar, whistles, murmurs. And makes sections that impossibly merge clicky cutty electronics with giant-size Britpop sounds. These are all used in the most upbeat of ways, with the same all-over-the-place catchiness that Amon Tobin's been known to effect. I wanted to put all four tracks up in [real audio] for you, that's how good this is. One softish vocal track (which shifts frontwards and backwards without losing velocity), all others instrumental.

Succoacido.it (Italian)
Non essendo in possesso di Initial Experiments in 3-D, prova sulla lunga distanza di Zachary Mastoon aka Caural, lascio che sia Paint EP ad introdurmi nell'universo sonoro di questo giovane hip hoper proveniente dalla zona di Chicago. Attraverso un'eccellente lavoro di taglia e incolla le 4 tracce qui presentate amalgamano basi hip hop belle grasse, scorie jungle, il fruscio della puntina che scorre sul vinile, divertimenti lounge-psichedelici, ritornelli pop e persino una chitarrina insolente che in "Red Sunshine" arriva a solleticare le orecchie quando meno uno se lo aspetta. Il tutto condensato in 20 minuti! A dir poco gustosa la copertina, curata dal graffitista inglese Kid Acne, dove sono raffigurati due spiritelli che escono dalle casse di uno stereo portatile con microphono in mano, grosse catene d'oro al collo e il berretto ben calcato in testa: l'immagine standardizzata del rapper chiamata ad illustrare la musica di chi invece interpreta con fantasia le infinite possibilita di un genere troppo spesso incasellato in schemi rigidi e obsoleti.
- Guido Gambacorta

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is excellent stuff that comes across as Pale Saints meets electronica. Amazing lush loops and swirls, cut-up samples, dreamy boy vocals, chiming and jangly guitars – all chopped up into a potpourri of dreamy looped-out beat-oriented grooves.

What originally drew us to this Chocolate Industries record was the hilarious cover illustration by Kid Acne. The music inside is unusually soothing, part-ambient like on the dreamy "Inbetween Thoughts" and more beatwise on the shifting "Red Sunshine." The b-side starts off with an experimental type drum-and-bass track, ultra fast bpms contrasting with a mellow a-side. Keep on listening as the track turns ambient, transforming the once uptempo beat into a dream component. "Clear Vinyl" enlists the live guitar band sound and transforms it into a Radiohead type track. This EP creates a beautiful soundscape, giving multiple variations on the dreamy theme.