11 November 2001

Caural Newsletter #1

Initial Experiments in 3-D (toshoklabs) reviews on
 www.toshoklabs.com, and all proceeds going towards disaster relief

My debut album, Initial Experiments In
 3-D (toshoklabs) has been receiving great feedback! Some reviews have 
been added to the toshoklabs website (www.toshoklabs.com) and you can 
listen to Real Audio of all the tracks while you read. Toshoklabs’ 
label head Nate Harrison is donating all profits from the release, as 
well as the rest of the toshoklabs catalog, to disaster relief. There
 are still some copies available, but they probably won’t be around for 
too long, so don’t sleep!

(You can order copies from
 www.forcedexposure.com, www.othermusic.com, and www.bentcrayon.com).

Another reason to visit the toshoklabs web site is to check out Nate’s
 mini-site of the 9/11 tragedy. Living 2 blocks away from where the
 World Trade Center once stood, he has quite a story:


Paint EP (Chocolate Industries) out November 27- purchase in
advance on Amazon.com and CDnow.com

Paint EP, my first release for Chicago’s Chocolate
 Industries, will be out November 27th on both CD and vinyl formats-
 the first 500 copies of the 12 inch were pressed on clear vinyl. You
 can order copies in advance from www.amazon.com and www.cdnow.com. 
Paint’s cover art was done by Kid Acne and you can read about him in
 this month’s issue of XLR8R magazine: www.xlr8r.com

Stars On My Ceiling LP (Chocolate Industries) getting mastered,
 tentative spring release date

Stars On My Ceiling, my second album, is currently getting 
mastered and you can expect a release date around the end of March. 
Art direction and design for this album are being handled by ESPO- aka 
Stephen Powers. If you haven’t seen this guy’s work, check out his 
book, “The Art of Getting Over” (St. Martin’s Press). It is a great
 collection- in traditional black-book style- of graffiti’s history
 complete with flicks and sketches by some incredible artists:
etc. You can find it on www.amazon.com and www.turntablelab.com among
 other sites, as well as in your local bookstore.