13 June 2002

[DISCOGRAPHY] Souls of Mischeif - Spark (Caural Remix)

Souls Of Mischief: Spark (Caural Remix) (Chocolate Industries- Unreleased 2002)
aka "Summer On Cassette"

"Summer On Cassette" was a song I had been passing around for a couple of years. Seven at Chocolate Industries asked me to remix Souls of Mischeif's song "Spark" from the Urban Renewal Program- originally produced by RJD2- and of course I flipped it completely differently. Well, I suppose - fearing that it wasn't Hip-Hop enough (thank God!) - it was scrapped and he got Edan to remix it for the 12". Meanwhile, I had been rocking it in my live sets -vocals and all- and passing it around to friends. I had kind of forgotten about the track otherwise, but then Carlos Nino got in touch with me and asked for the instrumental. Well, he played it in a mix he did for the Gilles Peterson show in the UK where it was called "Spark Remix," and it found its way onto United Airlines radio programming. Plans for its release as a 7" on Chocolate Industries were made and then abandoned, so the instrumental finally saw the light of day on my LP Remembering Today.