12 September 2002

[DISCOGRAPHY] Urban Renewal Program

Urban Renewal Program (Chocolate Industries, 2002)
(P-Vine, 2002)
PCD-23254 (Japan)
(Ninja Tune, 2002)
Format: 3LP & CD

[Caural] - "Interlude"
[Caural] - "Our Solstice Walk"

Miho Hatori - Night Light

Notes: This is still a mystery to me... Miho's manager provided me with Pro Tools data files of her vocals for the track that Prefuse 73 originally produced, and I was supposed to remix it for a 12". The vocals sounded pretty off to say the least; I figured that Scott sped them up and pitch-corrected the shit out of them, so I didn't think much of it. Well, when Miho heard it, she said I slowed her vocals down! So, I think something got fucked up with the audio driver I downloaded for Pro Tools Free, thus the remix was done at the wrong speed without the original to use as a reference! Confusingly, my version replaced Prefuse 73's when it went to press and was left uncredited; it appears on the Japanese version miscredited as Prefuse 73; and finally, it is correctly reflected and appears on Chocolate Industries' vinyl version of the compilation. Otherwise, Prefuse 73's original mix is used.