03 April 2004

April Update

I’ve been busy writing as many of you know, and here’s some of the
 past/near-future results of 2004:

Caural/Signaldrift and Nudge 7″

(Frank Wobbly & Sons)

If you are able to cop this, do so! There were only 250 copies pressed
 as part of a very-limited edition 7″ box set on a Wobblyhead offshoot
label called “Frank Wobbly & Sons” that includes Casino Vs. Japan,
 am-boy, Innerstance Beatbox (Jason Todd of Def Harmonic), String
 Theory, Paul B. Davis, Magic Arrows, and the crooning Old Man Malcolm.
 They were released 2 at a a time every two weeks, and each title
 basically sold out within a week. BUT, there are probably still some 
floating around in stores, so keep your eyes peeled. My record is 
shoegazer-themed, with Signaldrift covering My Bloody Valentine’s
 “Nothing Much To Lose” from their album Isn’t Anything, and me & my 
old roommate Jason doing a song I wrote. We are working on a 
full-length to be released later this year which some of you have
 heard some songs from… More on that later….

Diverse Feat. Lyrics Born: Explosive CD

(Chocolate Industries)

The wax of this single came out months ago with Madlib’s beat on the
 flipside, but now comes a limited edition (only 2000 copies worldwide) 
enhanced CD on Chocolate that includes my remix of Explosive
 (originally produced by RJD2), and one of Urb’s Next 100- Japan’s DJ
Mitsu- remixing the Madlib cut. The enhanced CD includes the Explosive 
video - complete with outtakes- shot in Chicago last winter. Just
 seeing Lyrics Born fumble around playing ping-pong (sorry, "table-tennis"!!) and people uprocking on the tables makes this one 
worth seeing… It was a long day…

Oh, and for you DJs & Vinyl buffs, the 12″ version is Japan-only
 (licensed by P-Vine). Sorry!!

Urban Renewal Supplement 1.5 EP/CD

(Chocolate Industries)

Part of Chocolate Ind.’s Urban Renewal Program series with the 2nd
 full installment to follow this fall, this lil’ record includes new 
tracks & remixes from Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Kutmasta Kurt, Diverse, The Timeout Drawer and yours truly, with Mr. Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) 
on interlude duty.

Dublab Presents : In The Loop (part 1) 12″

(Plug Research)

Dublab, quite frankly and simply put, kicks serious ass. And they 
teamed up with Plug Research for their latest compilation “In The 
Loop,” which will be released as a series of 12″s. On the first, I
 have the pleasure of being included alongside Dntel (remixing The
 Postal Service (ahem, um, himself)), Ellay Khule & Camping. It comes
 out this Tuesday (April 6th)!

There’s a lot more coming in the near future on labels such as Plug
Research, Buttermilk, Sound In Color, Delic (Japan) and Consumers
Research & Development, and I’ll fill you in as we get closer. BUT, 
very soon- for all of you in Cali- I am coming!! And, I can’t wait to
go to In ‘n Out for a cheeseburger! Um, Ok. Sorry:

CAURAL in LA (info stolen from Dublab- thanks Frosty!!)

SUNDAY, April 18th

Proper & dublab present live performances by:
DAEDELUS (Plug Research/Eastern Developments/Mush

CAURAL (Chocolate Industries)

THE ONE AM RADIO (Level Plane Records/Troubleman

I’M NOT A GUN (City Centre Offices)

dj set by: DNTEL

w/ resident Proper selectahs:
Valida/Rashida/Coleman/Praise One/Azul

Kemst/Ghost/Mia Victoria

$5 before 10:30pm (or rsvp list@properla.com),
 after / 9pm / 21+

the Little Temple

4519 Santa Monica boulevard

Los Angeles 90029

info 310.396.5130



MONDAY, April 19

Live Performances By:
DAEDELUS (Plug Research/Eastern Developments/Mush

CAURAL (Chocolate Industries)

THE ONE AM RADIO (Level Plane Records/Troubleman

7:00 PM, $6
Koo’s Cafe

540 E. Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802


TUESDAY, April 20th

Kutmah and friends give you 
Damaged beats, f*cked up jazz, and brazilian
FREE / 10pm-2am / 21+
the ROOM

in the Eastern alley behind Cahuenga just South
 of Hollywood

DJs: Caural, Take, Kutmah, Orlando, & Eric Coleman


dublab presents…

a psychedelic hip hop freakout with djs:
Caural, Hoseh, Kutmah, & Sacred
very special guests

FREE / 9pm / 21
the Little Temple

4519 Santa Monica boulevard

Los Angeles 90029
supported by


and then, back in NY:

MONDAY, April 26th

Fringe Benefits Presents:
Approach “Ultra-Proteus” Pre-Release Listening Party
Live Set By Approach (all the way from Lawrence, KS!)

DJ Set by Caural (um, me)

Free Cocktails (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Serena Bar - Under Chelsea Hotel

23rd St. btwn 7th & 8th Aves


(for those of you that came to the Automato pre-listening party I spun
 there last week, thank you!).