19 October 2005

[DISCOGRAPHY] Suicide/Krylon Psychology 7”

Suicide/Krylon Psychology 7” (Consumers Research & Development, 2005)
Format: 7”, Digital [Bonus Track Version]

1. Suicide
2. Krylon Psychology
3. The Plain Silvery Side of This Disc Is Involved in Sound Reproduction. Be Careful Not to Scratch Or Mistreat The Silvery Side of This Disc.
4. Suicide at Twilight (Miles Tilmann Remix) [Bonus Digital Track]*
5. She's Everywhere I Look [Bonus Digital Track]**

* = Remix of "Suicide" by Miles Tilmann, not included on 7"
** = Also appears on Hazardous Materials (Consumers Research & Development), not included on 7"

Run out groove - Side A: "listen to disappear completely"
Run out groove - Side B: "thank God for graffiti"