11 March 2006

SXSW & Other Updates

It's hard to believe it's only been 10 days since I returned from touring with Busdriver, RJD2, and Aceyalone. It was wonderful traveling and seeing friends (and family) in so many different cities- and now it's time for SXSW!

Mush Showcase @ SXSW

I leave on Tuesday for Texas, and am excited to play in the Mush Records Showcase this year- both solo, and with Busdriver. If you are in Austin, please come and say hello! Here are the details:

Thursday, March 16th, 10:PM - 1:AM
Mush Records Showcase @ Zero Degrees
405 E 7th St. in Austin

Bigg Jus
Clue to Kalo
Thavius Beck

If you Texans miss out on this show, I will be back in Austin on the 28th to play with Busdriver- more on that later.

Caural (Streaming Audio Interview) On Dailysonic

Just before leaving for Los Angeles last month, I had the pleasure of drinking whisky and recording an interview with Dailysonic, a webzine based here in NY. Listening back to it, I shuddered at the effect whisky had on my usage of the word "like," embarrassingly making me reach "valley girl" status. Regardless, it's a short and fun spot where I talk a little about music, meditating, and sound, and you can hear some mellow sounds of mine in the background! Thanks to Aaron and Adam at Dailysonic for making it happen:

http://www.dailysonic.com/segment1058 [This is a permanent link]

Video Art vs My Music

I am excited to announce that my friend Sean Capone (aka Positron) has made a wonderful, short video piece based on a song of mine and, while it's in transit to some potential galleries and shows, you can view it online here:


When Sean isn't busy making video installations for Prada runway shows in Milan or doing motion graphics for films, he manages to fit in a million creative projects of his own. This is our first audio/visual collaboration. You can view his 2005 demo reel (and see me playing with virtual space) here:


New Remix out soon on Organik

On March 23rd, my friend and old-school collaborator K-Kruz will release his debut solo EP "Time" on Organik Recordings. Keith has done production for Diverse and Longshot, moonlights as a drummer for The National Trust (Thrill Jockey) and has most recently released a full-length with Modill, including Dave from De La Soul, Truth Enola, Diverse, and his partner-in-crime Racecar. This vinyl EP features three instrumentals and one vocal (handled by the illustrious Jacob Croegaert), as well as two remixes of the title track: one by me, and one by my good friend Take. For fans of colored vinyl, Turntable Lab will exclusively be carrying the clear vinyl version, as they do with all of Organik's releases:


That's all for now- I'll be coming out west for some dates in late March/early April, ending in LA at the Echo on April 7th, and I'll let you know as it gets a little closer. Later on in April, I'll be performing in and around NY, so stay tuned!