21 April 2006


Tuesday, Regan and I picked up Rob Sonic and Creature- a rapper who remembered meeting me at a Soul Position show two years ago- in the Bronx, and set out on our entirely-too-long-of-a-drive up to Hamilton, NY. We stopped at T.G.I. Fridays, a place Rob joked should've been called "F.U.C.K. Fridays," and marveled at the tacky red-and-white-striped decor. The staff outnumbered the customers nearly three to one, all dressed in red and giving each other high-fives as they walked between the empty tables or stood around in packs. Most of them were in their teens. Our waiter was white and was- possibly closeted or not- a homosexual with the worst cornrow hairdo I have ever seen. He looked like the kind of guy who was friends with thugs in a made-for-TV-movie that got beat up at some point, and you only felt half-bad watching it happen. He had a slight lisp.

Driving through the desolate upstate roads was almost scary. There were trailer parks, homes with wheels, and very few "towns" dotting the bland countryside. Some hunter could just chop you up and leave you in a river, and no one would ever know- or care! Farms were abundant, and I thought of [my friend] and how strange it must've been for her growing up in such a place, walking miles to a school where she had one friend and where her mother taught, and later how she'd come back to a chorus of crickets and make little cynical zines in her room while- before sunrise- her father would wake up to begin the day.

We finally made it to Colgate University, and saw where we were to play: outside of a girls' dorm where there were about 40 kids congregated near a small stage. We couldn't believe it: it couldn't get any stranger. Of course, it did... The show itself was great. I drank green tea provided by the young promoter, and ate a disgusting piece of pizza for dinner.


Following our performance which the cops had cut short due to the noise (we were also prohibited from swearing!), Rob and I had a cigarette, and then we all followed Regan and [omitted] to her house only blocks away. We drank her beer, smoked her weed, and hung out with her painfully awkward friend who bordered on mute. I was fully high and drunk by the time we left after midnight, and was ripping through a bag of pizza-flavored Combos and Creature's Pringles like gangbusters. We stopped at Taco Bell at 4:30 or so, and suddenly- after Regan listened to They Might Be Giants' album Flood to try and wake up- I found myself driving the last hour back to the Bronx with burning red eyes. I navigated through tolls and around trucks, eventually getting to Rob's apartment as the sun peeked through. Regan took the wheel again, and my eyes felt sewn shut with fatigue. I only opened them a couple times to see us driving seemingly in circles due to one-way streets, and we didn't get back to my apartment until 7:30 yesterday morning! I was a wreck: I slept until four then went to Crunch and tried to swim everything off.

The yerba mate I had at Tea Lounge with Regan and Danielle after our Geido dinner had me too wired, and I was unable to fall asleep. I need to get back on a schedule of sorts, and I also need to regain my optimism. I never quite lost it- it was just a little shrouded today. Tomorrow, we play a festival at SUNY Purchase, and it will be another brand new experience...