19 September 2006

(From the Road - 1: California)

I haven't shaved in about a week, and I'm beginning to enjoy the beginnings of my beard's itchiness. We're done with the drive for the day, having wound through the forest-topped mountains and clouds of northern California to our fuzzy iPod soundtrack, ranging from Justin Timberlake through Ghostface Killa and the new, bizarre Dr. Octagon album (ironically, we sat at the base of a hill and listened to him recite "trees are dying" as we impatiently admired the pines, waiting for the construction worker to lower the stop sign). Now at a FedEx/Kinko's on the main drag of this small town of Arcata, Busdriver looks over responses to his Myspace bulletin post about needing a place to stay tonight while I breeze quickly through emails on an outdated browser. It's perfectly quiet except for the humming of equipment and the soft radio, and the sun is beginning to set.

We have three shows behind us- four if you count the Cocorosie gig in Los Angeles- and I finally feel more entrenched in the adventure as each experience unfolds: the drives through all the middles-of-nowhere which blur together in fields you forget as soon as you pass them, miniature naps on hotel beds with the television softly lulling you into a dream, and then the newfound energy as the concert-goers fill the once-empty floors of the venue, somewhat anxiously nodding their heads to the familiar kicks and snares. With fatigue and mood swings as my enemies, but nearly everything else on my side, it's hard not to be excited about all the things to come.

09 September 2006

Caural - Lake (Official Video by Sean Capone)

Caural - Lake (from the album, Remembering Today on Mush Records)

Video conceived and executed by Sean Capone.

(From Seancapone.com): "A psycho-geographic sketchbook created using imagery shot solely with a cellphone camera and animated on a laptop. This production method reflects on the notion of the contemporary 'flaneur', who occupies both the informational and the physical space of the city. The cellphone screen is a metaphor and a tool for memory, digital/physical mobility, information-retrieval as nostalgia, and image making."


Contemporary Flânerie: Reconfiguring Cities
Detroit, MI, 2009

The Relentless Eye
Helen Day Art Center, VT, 2009

DISLOCATE 08 Festival
Yokohama, Tokyo, 2008

03 September 2006

Caural on Tour, in the Mix, and in Video

Somehow, it's September.

I think the rain this last week has done something to my brain, so thank God there's some sun on this Sunday afternoon to dry whatever it is away; luckily for me, I head to Los Angeles this Thursday and will probably get plenty of it there!

Friday, September 8th, 8:30PM:

Cocorosie with Busdriver and me
1735 N. Vine
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Next week, I will be putting a brand new set together with Busdriver incorporating material from his upcoming album on Epitaph, "Roadkill Overcoat," and heading out on a North American tour with Akrobatik (of the Perceptionists), and Pigeon John. I will also be doing a short opening set. For full venue details, please check my myspace page:

Caural, Akrobatik, Busdriver and Me, Pigeon John

Sept 15 San Francisco, CA @ BOCA
Sept 17 Reno, NV @ Club Underground
Sept 18 Sacramento, CA @ The Library
Sept 20 Arcada, CA @ Mazotti's
Sept 21 Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan
Sept 22 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
Sept 23 Spokane, WA @ Mike Krock's Birthday Celebration
Sept 24 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Ego's
Sept 25 Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
Sept 26 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
Sept 27 Denver, CO @ The Bluebird Theatre
Sept 28 Minneapolis, MN @ Foundation
Sept 29 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
Sept 30 Milwaukee, WI @ Stone Fly Brewery (aka Onopa)
Oct 1 Madison, WI @ Club Inferno
Oct 2 Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub
Oct 3 Lawrence, KS @ The Record Bar
Oct 4 Austin, TX @ Emo's Lounge
Oct 5 San Antonio, TX @ Kingston Tycoon Flats
Oct 6 El Paso, TX @ House of Rock and Roll
Oct 7 Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
Oct 8 Scottsdale, AZ @ Chasers

A few more shows will follow back in California and, immediately following that, I will be joining my labelmates Daedelus and Thavius Beck on a Mush Tour, promoting my upcoming album "Mirrors for Eyes"; I will be posting those dates as soon as more are confirmed.

An exclusive Caural mix CD benefitting Chicago's homeless

On September 28th, Rock for Kids - a Chicago organization- will hold it's 4th Annual Music Mixer at Smart Bar. To raise money for Youth Jam (its music education program) they've asked a number of artists, DJs, music journalists, and promoters to contribute one-of-a-kind CD mixes which will be silently auctioned at the party, the contents kept secret until the winning bid is placed. With past contributors including Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and members of Tortoise, these exclusive mixes promise to be diverse and exciting. For complete details, please visit:


Caural on soundtrack for Graffiti DVD, "The Run Up"

Soon to be released by Triplewide Design Collective- in conjunction with Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF Gallery- is "The Run Up," a follow-up to their successful DVD, "Dithers." I am excited to have a great deal of my music included on this document of such amazing artists!

(from triplewide.net):

Featuring twenty-six of the most eminent artists of today, The Run Up, is a visual and historical representation of the contemporary art movement. Directors Shaun Roberts and Joey Garfield filmed the artists in a sequence of vignettes, where each segment reveals the artists visions and the inspirations behind their artwork.

Artists featured on The Run Up include: Herbert Baglione, Estevan Oriol, Cody Hudson, Chris Pastras, Mark Bode, Mr. Jago, Will Barras, Wes Humpston, Futura, Jeff Soto, Above, Kofie One, Heavyweight (HVW8), David Ellis, Ryan McGinness, José Parla, Swoon, Rostarr, Mister Cartoon, Maya Hayuk, Doze Green, WK Interact, Dzine, Jason Bass, Ron English, and Logan Hicks.

To view excerpts and trailers, visit:


New Caural video- Second Collaboration with Positron (aka Sean Capone)

Sean Capone just finished a beautiful video for "Lake," a song from my collection "Remembering Today," by meticulously manipulating and bringing to life imagery obtained solely with his cellphone. To view the piece and read his explanation, visit:


If you haven't seen it, you can also view our first collaboration here: