06 October 2006

(From The Road - 2: Texas)

There is nothing but Texan darkness surrounding the road we illuminate with the headlights of our Impala, our sedan of a home for nearly the last month. Sonic Youth's album Dirty (now the song "Nic Fit") plays on the stereo, and it reminds me of a crush I had on a tall blonde named Liz who had a boyfriend, and a nighttime drive in Kentucky with my cousin Stephanie.

I met Liz with a girl Megan I used to mess around with from another high school- Niles North, I think- and the energy between us was intense and immediate. I remember walking with her at dusk back to Megan's, and we held hands secretly behind her back. Then, I think we were watching some kind of movie and laying together on the bed, again trying to hide the fact that we were holding each other. We'd talk on the phone for hours and met once- just the two of us- at her house. I just remember staring into her eyes and neither of us being able to do anything. It was this album that I listened to the most during the weeks that this unrequited relationship existed. And then- I imagine it was soon afterwards- I was in Kentucky for my cousin Thad's Bar Mitzvah, and Stephanie and I escaped the cheesy party full of rich Jews to drive around aimlessly and smoke Newports. I think we got lost together.

I can't believe there's only 2 nights left on this tour. Somehow, it seems way too short, and maybe because my love for the adventures has been strengthened. All the energy from the crowds, the loud music, the new connections... Sneaking into hotel swimming pools, bizarre meals at places like Terrible's in Iowa where they warned me that I had to sign a waiver if I wanted my burger medium rare.

Fuck, we just got pulled over.

This is the fourth time so far.