24 January 2007

Touring with Busdriver & Deerhoof/New Sights and Sounds

Happy New Year, friends! And what a crazy year this is going to be, especially for us Sagittarians (well, that's what they say, anyway). There have already been some major shifts for yours truly, and I am looking forward to seeing the dust settle.

Busdriver & Deerhoof on the Road

Starting this Friday, I will be joining Busdriver to support Deerhoof on selected dates of their three-month tour!

January 26 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
8:00 PM: Proton Proton, Busdriver, and Deerhoof

January 27 Chicago, IL @ Metro
6:30 PM: Trin Tran, Maps & Atlases, Busdriver, and Deerhoof

January 30 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
8:00 PM: Blackblack, Busdriver, and Deerhoof

And, in February, the fun continues. Before returning out with Bus, I will be spinning records at a low-key weekly in SoHo at Shebeen, sponsored by Paper Magazine along with friends Ryan Pearson & Larry Millah. Monthly guests include Copperpot, DJ Rude 1, plus many other fun surprises each week. Come out, keep warm, and have a drink!

February 6 New York, NY @ Shebeen
202 Mott Street between Spring and Kenmare
8:00 PM- 2:00 AM
DJs: Caural, Ryan Pearson, Larry Millah

Then, our fun with the folks in Deerhoof continues:

February 16 Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
February 17 Miami, FL @ Poplife at the District
February 18 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
February 19 Orlando, FL @ The Social
February 20 Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds
February 21 Athens, GA @ 40 Watt Club
February 22 Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge
February 23 Winston-Salem, NC @ The Warehouse

For full details, please visit my myspace page: www.myspace.com/caural

Surprises on YouTube.com

Yes, while Google is a lovely spot to learn about your inclusion on random compilations in Japan (for which you were never asked permission), YouTube lets you know your music is being used for people's video projects! But hey, sometimes those collaborations I've been oblivious to participating in actually turn out quite interesting!

First, a video I definitely knew about. A few years ago, I created an ambient soundtrack for a photographer named Bill Burlingham, who had created a short piece with beautiful footage he obtained in Death Valley. Thanks to YouTube, the piece, entitled "Dante's View" is finally viewable by the general public. You can see it here:


Next up, "Soft Lunch." Some beautiful underwater adventures to the sounds of "Mint & A Hospital Watercolor," from my album Stars on My Ceiling:


And "Commodity": an adorable claymation to a not-so-adorable song I did with Diverse on my Blurred July EP, "Blacktops & Plains"


I especially like this next longer segment, "Fungus Ambiguity," which edited an ambient mix I created in late 2005 [streamed on Dublab.com in 2006]. Musically, it includes- in order of their appearance- Bibio, Sonic Youth, DJ Krush, Kid606, Bowery Electric, Freescha, and Squarepusher.


YouTube also has Sean Capone's fantastic video for my song "Lake" (on Remembering Today) as well as some fun cell phone captures of me playing live- completely drunk- in Japan, and along with Mr. Busdriver himself. Just doing a little search amazes me with what you can find out there...

Upcoming Sights & Sounds

The next few months will see some new releases, specifically a couple of remixes and a compilation appearance on a new label called Circuitree. The Original Ultraviolets, a side-project I have with Mr. Stuart Bogie (when he's not busy recording with Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, TV on the Radio, Celebration, Jeremiah Lockwood, or any number of people around in NY) is continuing to, well, move very slowly. In the beginning of this year, we mixed down a brand new song and smoothed out some rough edges in some of our older material. We hope to get at least one more song finished before making a (drum roll please) MYSPACE PAGE! Ooh- bet you didn't see that one coming. Also on the horizon this year is the release of Boy King Islands, and soon enough I'll put up some sound samples from that project as well.