04 September 2012

[DISCOGRAPHY] feltbattery - Behold A Golden Throng

feltbattery - Behold A Golden Throng (Migration Media, 2012)
Format: CD-R (run of 100 copies), Digital

feltbattery - Behold A Golden Throng

1. Bivouac
2. Beat Harvest
3. Coronation
4. La Vol de Noces
5. Propolis
6. The Great Work
7. Drona
8. Sun Cycle
9. An Opened Head
10. Lamentation
11. 250 htz
12. The Oracle
13. Give Me Eyes
14. Woman With Skeps
15. Bien
16. Tiny Hairs
17. Birds Fall Away
18. Squash Blossoms
19. Haengekorb
20. The Dead Are With Us
21. + One (A Golden Throng) 

Behold a Golden Throng was recorded from June 2007 to June 2009. Original sounds created in or around Hillsborough, NC: Apis Melifera from Adelaide and Timberwood Farms, locust swarm ca. 1998 courtesy of Tom Laney, peepers from the Bellvue Creek, other frogs, crickets or swarms sourced from ponds and ditches of greater Orange Co. 

Sounds were altered by Benjamin Trueblood, Zachary Mastoon, and James Hayford. Additional noises offered by Samuel Trueblood (pots & pans), Marcus and Henry (drums and bagpipe) as well as others. All was mastered by William Joshua Bratcher April 2010. All pieces antwaspandbeemusic.

My contribution appears re-edited throughout various songs on the album. The two songs I constructed out of feltbattery's source material appear separately on Caural's Die Before You Die EP ("All Doors Open to The Same Room") and on Take aka Sweatson Klank's Sweatson's Trajectory mix ("Stalactite").