11 August 2015

[DISCOGRAPHY] Caural - Handmade Evil

Caural - Handmade Evil (Prism92, 2015)
Format: Digital

1. Shallow
2. Crystal Keys
3. I Grab The Microphone & Fuck It Up
4. Gyokuro
5. Pentagram (Re-Experience)
6. Mandala
7. Handmade Evil
8. Monolith
9. Enneagram

Mixed and arranged by Caural.
Mastered by Peter Farr at Prismaphonic.
Design by Bagger 43 (Bagger43.com)


Handmade Evil was completely improvised on two hardware samplers in a time when most artists hide behind glowing apple logos and software's sheen: Caural on his signature Yamaha SU700, with accompaniment on an MPC by K-Kruz.

Absolutely no sequencing was done, leaving the canvas wide open and each sound inescapably triggered by hand.

The resulting songs were then arranged using audio from live performances throughout the east coast and midwest circa 2006 - 2009, preserving the unique and furious sets that sometimes left Caural's hands bloodied, and knobs torn off his machine.


As a progenitor to what became the modern beat music, Caural is unmatched in his pure understanding of what fundamental elements make a dope progressing beat. The bedroom production platform that he revisits on Handmade Evil allows these boundless arrangements to come about by stripping down the songwriting to just his core imaginative instincts: this is truly a labor of love. Not needing any scene, mythology or social media fanfare to craft a collection undeniable beat gems, he is the purest type of producer in an era of on-line saturation and calculated turn-ups. 
- Regan Farquhar / Busdriver (Big Dada)

"I Grab The Microphone & Fuck It Up" describes everything for me in this record: melodic beats and noise coming together in one record. Love it!
- Teebs (Brainfeeder)

Caural's music has always pushed boundaries. This new record is no exception. [This is an] incredible performance of tunes he's never released until now - no computers, pretty mind blowing! He's been a big influence on me since his first record dropped on Chocolate Industries in the early 2000's, and Handmade Evil further cements his place as one of the innovators of electronic music.
- Sweatson Klank (Project Mooncircle, Dublab, Tone & Manor)

Rough, rugged, raw, genius, and lovely live instrumental Hip-Hop before it was labeled a "Beat Scene". 
- KRTS (Project Mooncircle)