20 November 2015

Caural - Enneagram (Official Video by Alex Mastoon)

from Alexandra Mastoon on Vimeo.

Caural - "Enneagram" (from Handmade Evil on Prism92).

Check out the debut on VAM here!

12 November 2015

Bullett Presents: Jojo Baby

BULLETT Presents: Jojo Baby
from Greg Stephen Reigh on Vimeo.

A Chicago filmmaker named Greg Stephen Reigh got in touch about using an old tune of mine ("Camphor", from Stars on My Ceiling) to help soundtrack a really cool short film commissioned by Bullett Media about performance artist and "original club kid", Jojo Baby. Seeing footage of the North/Damen/Milwaukee intersection definitely sparked some nostalgia for me, and I was happy that Huffington Post and Red Eye helped to get this story out there!

06 November 2015

[DISCOGRAPHY] Busdriver - Thumbs

Busdriver - Thumbs (Temporary Whatever, 2015)
Format: Digital

NY 03 w/Caural

This is an excerpt of a live performance at Irving Plaza, January 26, 2007.

Photo by Jena Cumbo